Aqua Kvaløy (NB SC 75/2)

Opis jednostki

The unit is built at the yard of CRIST S.A. in Gdynia for a Norwegian shipowner. Ship type "life fish carrier". The main task of the unit will be the transport of fish and seafood thanks to specially treated water (3 thousand m3). NB SC 75/2 will accommodate a crew of ten and has a total length of 76.89 m and a width of 15 m.

Length 76,89 m
Width 15 m
IMO bd

Scope of works

AN-ELEC in the construction of NB SC 75/2 at the CRIST shipyard was responsible for the following works:

  • purchase, prefabrication, delivery and assembly of local routes and cable approaches not included in the drawings (except for the main cable trays)
  • purchase and closing of cableways (200 items)
  • prefabrication and assembly of accessories and electrical devices weighting up to 1200 kg
  • construction and delivery of local power distribution boards (26 pcs.)
  • construction and delivery of starters (35 items)
  • construction and delivery of starters for control panels to be installed in desktops (4 pcs.)
  • purchase, delivery and installation of cables, wires, fiber optics (85 000 mb)
  • connection of cables and wires with required measurements
  • launch and sentence for Quality Control, Shipowner and DNV-GL
  • delivery of junction boxes, cable glands, earthing wires
  • service of the ship's electrical system during tethering and sea trials

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