Aqua Tromøy (NB SC 75/1)

Unit description

Aqua Tromøy is a unit built at the CRIST S.A. Shipyard. in Gdynia. Ship type " life fish carrier". The ship was equipped with two holds with a total capacity of 3 thousand. m3 with specially treated water enabling transport of fish and seafood. NB SC 75/1 will accommodate a crew of ten and has a total length of 76.89 m and a width of 15 m.

Length 76,89 m
Width 15 m
IMO bd

Scope of works

AN-ELEC in the construction of Aqua Tromøy (NB SC 75/1) at the CRIST shipyard was responsible for the following works:

  • equipment of bridge panels:
    • damping panel
    • bow underceiling console
    • wall panel - left and right side
    • stern warehouse
    • desktop GMDSS/IAS
    • AFT underceiling console
  • mounting the equipment on tabletops, cooperation with carpenters when routing holes for cameras
  • mounting the equipment inside the desktops
  • making internal connections between the mounted apparatus and intermediate bars
  • execution of the main earthing points
  • making balance connections for the installed equipment
  • assistance at startup

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