Container electro-energetic station

Description of unit

Container electro-energetic station converting renewable electrical energy from fluctuation of sea waves.

Innovative solution uses generation of electrical energy from movement of sea waves, which is next converted in our container and send to land. Station converts energy of power to 650 kVA and transforms voltage from 690 V to 11 kV, which is next send to offshore station of an energy plant by using a special cable located on depth.

Energetic container was functionally divided into 2 parts:

  • MV – medium voltage part, in which there is a transformer and 12kV switchboard
  • LV – control-distribution part, in which there are: converter, control switchboard with PLC, auxiliary transformers, cooling pump, dryer and UPS

Container was made and protected in technology and standards for marine conditions. Station was made: “fully equipped”, it means that station was delivered with full equipment like: inside wiring, lights, sensors, sockets, cable entries, condensate drainage and external connections.

Under the contract we were leading arrangements of project from project phase to FAT tests with customer. Our project section made series of technical arrangements with customer and suppliers from electro-energetic section, after which we have chosen a best solution for this project. We have started from selection of container’s construction by choice and integration invidual systems of equipment, verification of conditions installation in container, preparation of technical documentation in the electrical and mechanical field. After acceptance of technical documentation by customer, we could begin next stage.

Scope of work

The phase of building container station was divided into a few tasks, from which every task was completed by quality reception of given range:

  • adaptation construction of marine container to the needs of building for chosen devices, including: fundaments, ventilation, floor, doors, cable entries and all handles
  • after end of steel part, it took place a construction deliverment for sanding and painting
  • afterwards it was conducted a planting and montage devices to fundaments and state equipment of container
  • the next stage was arrangement and connection electrical installation

At the end of building, on AN-ELEC area it took place a FAT tests with customer. In this time it was conducted: cold-wires test and insulation mega tests of wires, efficiency of communication, tightness of the cooling system, parameterization of programmable systems and more activities, which confirm a high standard of made product.

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