Infectious Hospital in Gdansk

Unit description

Hospital formerly "Pomeranian Center for Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis in Gdansk" and now "Pomeranian Hospitals". Established in 2004. Previously, the hospital has been operating for more than 40 years as the "Provincial Infectious Hospital in Gdansk".

The primary task of the unit is to protect / safeguard the community in Pomerania from the spread of infectious diseases. The Center is the Regional Reference Center for the treatment of chronic hepatitis and HIV infection. A great achievement is the improvement of bargaining in patients treated for chronic hepatitis B and C, neuroinfection and AIDS.

Scope of work

In 2014 our company for Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis in Gdańsk conducted the following works:

  • replacement of APU breakers - modernization of main switchgear and subscriber switchboard (old APU circuit breakers have been replaced by modern circuit breakers)
  • installation of an information system via sms about power failure and its return
  • repair of the reserve system (generator) / ATS system (automatic reserve adjustment)

Other projects:





Blackford Dolphin

Blackford Dolphin