Keith Lousteau Tide (B844/13)

Unit description

The Keith Lousteau Tide (B844/13), built in 2009, has a total length of 70 m and a width of 15,50 m. The ships were built according to the NED 8167 L AHTS design. Unit equipped with two power generators: main 2 x 250 kW at 1800 rpm and emergency - port 1 x 150 kW at 1800 rpm, towing winch with pulling 30 tons or auxiliary winch 2 x 10 tons.

Year Built 2009
Length 70 m
Width 15,5 m
IMO 9476850

Scope of work

On the Keith Lousteau Tide (B844/13) built in 2009, AN-ELEC carried out the following tasks:

  • locksmith work (prefabrication and assembly), consisting in making a bosman magazine
  • locksmith work (prefabrication and assembly) consisting in making a floor in a CMK room on unit

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