Marco Polo (NB56)

Unit description

Marco Polo (NB 56) dock made in Crist yard in 2017 for the French company Bouygues Travaux Publics. The main unit task is to build a new land in the Principality of Monaco for the construction of apartment buildings, pormends and parks. Where is the monaco bay today, soon to rise housing estate and all thanks to, among others. Marco Polo dock.

Dock has an overall length of 58.4 m and a width of 51.28 m. In the dock will be built concrete packs of up to 10 thousand tons, which will be used in the construction of the estate on an area of about 60 thousand square meters.

Year Built 2017
Length 58,4 m
Width 51,28 m

Scope of work

AN-ELEC in 2017 on the Marco Polo Dock (NB 56), built on the Crist shipyard in Gdynia for the French shipowner, carried out the following works:

  • assembly of cable routes
  • installation of cable trays with filling
  • assembly of electrical installation (over 80.000 m)
  • installation of fire protection systems, IT, monitoring, CCTV and lighting
  • console
  • electrical switchgears:
    • Main switchgear 400V
      MSB – Draw out (3 x main circuit breaker) / I=3000A
    • Emergency switchgear 400V
      ESB – fix / I=504A
    • Main switchgear 230V
      ASB – fix / I=754A
    • Emergency switchgear 230V
      EASB – fix / I=125A
    • Power supply switchgear from shore
      Shore 400V - Draw out main circuit breaker / I=2890A
      Shore 230V – fix / I=157A
    • Distribution switchgear
      DBPS230V – fix / I=141A
      DBSB230V – fix / I=166A
      EDBSB230V – fix / I=20A
      UPSDB230V – fix / I=42A
      DB Sliding 400/230V - fix / I=162/144A
      Starter Panel PS 400V - fix / I=138,5A
      Starter Panel SB 400V - fix / I=61A
      Vent DB PS 230V – fix / I=11A
      Vent DB SB 230V – fix / I=6,3A

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