Unit description

Unit "Kobben" type. Polish navy submarine. ORP BIELIK was launched in 1967 in Germany for Norway. In the years 1967 - 2001 he served in the Norwegian waters. After his withdrawal (2001) he was transferred to Poland. Since 2003 ORP BIELIK is in active service. The unit has a total length of 48.74 m and a width of 4.7 m. The unit accommodates 21 crew members on board.

Year Built 1967
Length 48,74 m
Width 4,7 m
IMO bd

Scope of work

On the ORB BIELIK unit, AN-ELEC carried out the following works:

Year 2007

  • modernization of the cooling system of the battery packs

Year 2005

  • design of cooling system for battery power

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