Unit description

ELEKTRA vessel is named the first hybrid ferry built in Poland. It is designed for sailing on short distances in the Turk area of Finland. The unit is equipped with a set of batteries, which represent the main power of the unit. Each time after the ferry crosses the destination route, they are recharged on a specially designed wharf. The charging time is 5 to 10 minutes.

In addition, the unit is equipped with three generating sets, which provide an alternative source of energy for the entire unit. Interestingly, there is a very extensive automation and monitoring system in which the ferry is equipped, This allows you to safely operate only 3 crew members.

Basic characteristics of the P310 - Elektra: total length 97.92 m, car deck length 93.30 m, structural width 15.20 m, maximum width 16.55 m, draft dredging 3.50 m, draft maximum 3.55 m, height (to the main deck) 5,00 m, gross tonnage 1251, net 375, capacity 300 t. 450 m ro-ro lane is available onboard and seats up to 375 persons. The speed of 11 knots is provided by two azimuth propulsors, each with two counter-rotating screws, carrying 900 kW - each, at 1200 rpm.

The vessel is equipped with three main propulsion generators with a total electrical power of 1260 kWe. The unit was designed and built in accordance with DNV GL classification rules for class + 1A1 Car Ferry, B, Battery (Power) E0, Ice 1B, PET, R3; GMNKC. The ship wears the Finnish flag.

Year Built 2017
Length 97.87 m
Width 15.47 m
IMO 9806328

Scope of work

On the P3010 Elektra of the FinnFeries company, AN-ELEC was responsible for the following works

  • installation of a complete electrical installation in the amount of 80 000 meters of cable
  • manufacture of local cable routes and fittings for electrical appliances up to 50kg
  • assembly of electrical equipment
  • connection of all cable segments
  • starting and passing parts of electrical systems
  • assistance for the service on commissioning and delivery of automation and monitoring systems
  • delivery of installation materials necessary for the above works

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